Cleaning House- Taking it to far?

Maybe it comes with the territory of being a woman or being a mom, but I really do not like messes. No, you don't understand. I really don't like messes. For example, I am a passable cook with a few specialties. However, the main reason I consider these certain meals to be specialties is not just because I need specific ingredients or because of the time it takes to make the meal. No, it is a specialty because of the mess I am going to have to deal with because of making that meal! I become genuinely stressed out, even despondent over clutter and messes. Don't even get me started on the state of things on the top of my refrigerator, my husband's domain. Or the stacks of boxes in the corner of the bedroom. Or the piles of... Why did God see fit to put together a "let's-throw-it-outer" like me with a pack rat like him? But that is a blog for another time. Interestingly, my proclivity for neatness does not mean that I like to clean. Quite the opposite. I have an attitude of trying to maintain a homeostasis, if you will. I have a "clean as you go" and a "don't do things that make big messes in the first place" kind of attitude to keep things humming along at a certain level of cleanliness. However, just because mom has an attitude toward how tidy things should be it does not follow that everyone in the house falls into line. So, regularly and full of loathing, I have to bring out the big guns and perform what I refer to as a "blitzkreig," or "lightning war" on my house to get it up to par. I recall one of these times last summer. I was just finishing up a blitzkreig and it was also, coincidentally, lunch time. My house fairly sparkled. I had scrubbed the bathroom, dusted the furniture, vacuumed carpets and organized toys. But the best part was the kitchen, freshly scrubbed and mopped, with the midday sun streaming through my windows and making my floor gleam. What a state of bliss! Anyways, Paulie decided we would have tuna sandwiches. Fine. He loves tuna, it is easy to make and pretty good for him. So we jumped into our routine. I started opening a can, and over my shoulder I told him to get the mayo out of the refrigerator. I hear the door open and then *CRASH*!! I spun around to see bottles and jars rolling around on the floor, but that was not the worst of it. Horror of horrors, I saw a large puddle of delicious maple syrup rapidly spreading its stickiness across my freshly mopped kitchen floor. I thought it was rather fortunate for my son that I was first too shocked to speak and then too busy feverishly stopping the sticky syrup flow to give vent to my emotions. Believe me, though, he was thoroughly schooled on the appropriate ways to get mayo out of the fridge, and that climbing the shelves on the door was not one of those ways! You know, sometimes in life we quite accidentally stain the holiness we have in Christ. We try something that wasn't the most well-thought out, or do something that we do not know the full repercussions for. And just as I needed to immediately address the mess, we need to immediately turn over the stain to Christ. It is amazing all of the different things one of these blots can taint. Christ sees and cleans every area of our life that has been touched by the offending defilement, just as I had needed to wipe down every bottle and jar that fell out with the syrup. It is an amazing power, the cleaning capabilities of Christ. I needed to mop down that spot on the floor several times before my shoe wouldn't stick in that spot. He only needs one pass. As a stay at home mom, my days are filled with cleaning metaphors for Christ's redemptive power. I am reminded daily of how important it is to stay on top of clutter- the clutter on the counter tops and the clutter in my mind. Every sinkful of dishes reminds me of how repulsive and unusable a heart can be before it is submitted to the careful and thorough ministrations of Jesus- yet it is not thrown away, it is cleaned and used. As I scrub dirty footprints from my carpet, I will mumble to myself about how so-and-so should know better by now! And then I will be reminded of how many times I have stumbled and gotten myself filthy when I really did know better. And so God cleans...

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

I apologize for the somewhat misleading title! The blog went a different direction than I thought it would when I titled it, and then I forgot about changing it until after I published it. Now I can't find a way to change the title!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Sigh... no you can't change the title once it is posted. The only way you could do that now is to republish the same blog under a different name and delete this one. I do that too, Who. I will come up with a title, start writing the blog and then it goes a whole new direction which I like better. You can change the title if you are in the preview mode but once you hit publish you can make changes to the blog but not the title.

Now about your blog. I really, really like this! The analogy you have made is wonderful and one which I will take to heart. It is soooooo good, by the way, to see you blogging again, Who!


K :princess:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

thank you for your blog. i have that"felix unger from the odd couple" about me too. about your title changed you been around me too long lol my titles never on most occasions have anything to do with the blog. it's just me using my gift of humor to encourage people. so keep on blogging as God moves your heart and many will be encouraged and blessed. have a good and blessed day and weekend and look forword to more blogs.


An excellent post! Well-written, thoughtful and unusual word choice, a very clearly painted word picture which is easy to grasp and not too heavily underlined. Bravo!


Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

lovely blog..Actually title made me read this blog
Eye-opening message !!

Love Tina :flower:

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