curious inverse relationships, among other things

In mathematical terms, a direct relationship is when, for example, as one variable increases, the other increases also. Another kind of relationship is the inverse relationship. This is where, as one variable increases, the other decreases. Now, in God's economy, things that seem as though they should be a direct relationship are not always. For example, one would think that the more one sins, the more of God's punishment that person deserves. That is a direct relationship that makes sense in our world. However, this is not the case. The person who sins more does not necessarily get more punishment. Indeed, if that person has true repentance, there is no punishment. An inverse relationship. However, there will always be a direct relationship between repentance and grace. Sincere, true repentance is always answered back with more and more grace. There are others. One direct relationship that may not be obvious at first is as follows... The more grace a person receives from God, the more grace that person has for others. Also, the opposite is true. A person who does not or will not accept God's grace, can not or will not have grace for others. Another mysterious direct relationship is in answer to the faith vs. works, grace vs. obedience debate. What I see going on is this: the more faith a person has, the more grace that person is living under, the more works for God and obedience to his rule is a natural outpouring of that person's life. Intimacy with God has a direct correlation with good works and submission. There are a few groupings of the two different kinds of relationships that I'd like to explore. Concerning love. With Christ in us, the more love we share, the more we have to share- direct. The more love we share, the less we crave love- inverse. Concerning possessions. As with love, often the more we give, the more we have in receipt from God. Direct relationship. Strangely, sometimes, the less we have, the more peace and satisfaction lives in our hearts. Inverse relationship. Also, the more we withhold, the more stingy and selfish we become. Direct relationship. Here is a relationship in God's economy I don't even know the term for. When one variable stays the same no matter how much the other increases. God can provide millions of dollars, acres of land, herds of animals, cities worth of buildings, and the amount he owns will never diminish. God can bathe us, even drown us with his love, and he will never have any less to offer. I can come to him time after time in tears to beg pardon, and he can give it to me every time, and his mercy never will diminish. His miraculous power still has the same strength before and after he empowers a person to walk away from temptation, to get through their day, even to the extent of raising a person from the dead and creating the universe. These are some things that he will always have more for us to draw on. A few unpleasant relationships. Very often, the more proud a person is, the more blinded they are to their imperfections (direct). Also, unfortunately, the more proud a person is, the less willing and able they are to even hear their imperfections being pointed out (inverse). Also, the more a person sins, the bigger, more offensive, and more frequent the sins become. A strong inverse relationship lies in where we direct our focus. The more we put our focus on ourselves, and/or our circumstances, the more a veritable laundry list of unpleasantries pop up- chaos, depression, anger, selfishness, confusion, and so on. The opposite is also true... The more our focus is on God... Take a look at your relationships...


Dear Whobelieve--"The more grace a person receives from God, the more grace that person has for others." Excellent statement and excellent insight. 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 expands on that. I can never give away all of my grace or comfort, because God never runs out of His. That certainly is a grand inverse relationship, my sister. Excellent blog. ;) YBIChrist--Ron

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