I wish I had film editing equipment

I don't know much at all about how to edit a movie. I don't even think you can edit a movie that comes in DVD or VHS form, I think it has to be done way before we can buy it in that way. But it does seem possible, in my technologically inept mind, that I would be able to edit some of my personal movies to my personal liking if I had the right equipment. And boy do I wish I could. There are so many movies that I really do enjoy and own that could use some of this tweaking. They are funny, they have good plot lines, great acting. I admit, I love the movies that make you go "a I love the funny, the romantic, the feel-good genre. I also enjoy some of the movies that have explosions. The problem I find, is that there are very very few movies that don't add a moment here and there of just plain... I don't know, sin, corruption, vulgarity, whatever. Very very often, these phrases or mere seconds of shooting are totally irrelevant to the story, to the main characters. Did the hero really need to utter that curse just then over that? Did I really need to see that flash of skin of the heroine when she goes to get dressed? Did we really need those two sentences of dialogue that reveals a sub-sub-subcharacter as a homosexual, when we otherwise wouldn't have known or needed to know? With just a snip and a tug, I would remove these very very few instances (in the movies I watch) of foul language and behavior. Just shorten a scene by a second, or silence out a word here and there, and I would have a great movie. With no dropped word or flashed image of indecency to clutter my mind and trip me up. But here's the rub. Even if I could find a way to clean up my movies, that is all I would accomplish. There is still all of these things in the world, jarring me. And it hurts. It hurts the perpetrator and the receiver. Everyone in this fallen world has to deal with the destruction. The cycle of selfishness and boorishness and indifference and vulgarity and hate and pain. But... "There is a redeemer, Jesus, God's own Son. Precious Lamb of God, Messiah, Holy One. Thank you, oh my Father, For giving us your Son. And leaving your spirit 'til Your work on earth is done."

Melisa Edmunds @melisa ·

Having 4 children, it is at times very hard to even pick out movies that seem appropriate for them to watch! If you invent what is necessary to edit, please let me know! I'll be the first in line to purchase it!

A little side note, I HATE being bombarded by filth! I have enough junk of my own without adding to it from someone else's mind! Thank God for His word that cleanses and sanctifies!

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

Even now, with just one 2 year old son I struggle not only with what he watches (believe it or not) but what I will watch around him.

And you're right, I have enough junk of my own too, without someone else's.

Once I get that editing technology invented, I'll lend it to you. :wink:


I can't "amen" this enough... As a teen, I beg you... anyone... please! Find out how to invent this! And the bad thing is... it will probably get worse...

Prayerfully :pray:
Diva :heart:

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