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I'm writing this one off the cuff, so forgive me if it isn't very smooth. The CB chatroom is very important to me. I feel funny if I miss one day of popping in there. It's not like any other chat room I have ever been in before. It is not surface. There is no trying to get information from people. I don't know if it is still the norm, but chatrooms used to be where it almost looked like a dating service... You would always say m/f (male/female), m/s/d (married/single/divorced), race, age, etc... All this info that is really a detriment to the communicants. Here at cb, you can go to someone's profile and get most of that information, but finding out whether or not someone is married is rarely the driving force behind looking at someone's profile. It's usually looking at their biography and testimony that you go to their profile for. Also, in other chat rooms, there is constant danger of "hearing" curse words, or taking the Lord's name in vain. None of that in this chat. There is a lot of fighting and arguing in other chat rooms. Now, there is a bit of playful sparring in the CB chatroom, but nothing like the venom that you find in others. But these comparisons don't really convey why I appreciate the Christianblog chatroom so much. There is so much warmth and true fellowship in there. Some of the most Spirit-laden prayers I have ever been privy to were prayers in that chatroom. Usually following such a prayer time is a wonderful blending of songs and praise. The people who frequent that room are so full of love and wisdom and giving. They have generous spirits who, usually unwittingly, minister to everyone they talk to, sharing generously of the abundant love and experience God has blessed them with. The people make the chat, and the people in the CB room make it a place of caring and fun. And no one can deny how awesome it is to be able to converse with believers from all over the globe! Now, this site is devoted to blogging, so I cannot write this whole *ahem* blog without addressing something I "heard" John "say" in the chatroom before the communion service. About how this is a site for blogging, not necessarily for chatting. He is right. Also, something about how it uses a lot of the... "Brain" (?) for the site to keep the chat room going, especially with those precious smilies! (I love the smilies!!) And he is right, it does. Maybe he wonders sometimes if it is worth it? And, I believe there was also something to the effect that if the chatroom made it difficult for the site to go at normal speed, that the chat would be the thing to get the axe. Of course, this makes sense. As I (and he said) this is a site devoted to blogging. The chatroom is just frosting. But what glorious frosting it is! And, quite frankly, the chatroom does help me with my blogs. When I first came on to this site, I think that I received most of my readers through meeting people in the chatroom. And, I am more likely to read theirs than those I haven't become friends with there. That is not to say it is imperative to go into the chat to get readers attention, as I know there are quite a few prolific and very good writers who have plenty of an audience who(m?) I have never seen in the room. I'm just saying that for me, most of the people who read what I write and vice-versa are people that I have chatted with. In addition, I get ideas about what to write about from what we talk about in there, like this one. :wink: Also, the idea of writing to the "faceless" masses is not very appealing to me. It means so much more to me to at least be acquainted with some of the people I'm writing to, or to read something they've written. (Another plus of the profile page, too.) However, when it comes right down to it, the most important reason as to why I like the chatroom is because it was in there that I made friends. For someone who doesn't have many friends, and has always had difficulty making friends, this is a wonderful and priceless thing. I have found in the cb chat room honest to goodness friends. When I come together with the friends I have found there, we talk together, laugh together, cry over each others pain, pray together, protect each other, and guide each other. Thank you christianblog, for the chatroom. And thank you to the chatters, my new friends.

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

amen and thank you wb for not only reading my blogs but being an encouragement and a true friend. be blessed


Wb, I agree whole heartedly with you. I enjoy the chat room. It helps bring the community together or in my case I think of my friends in chat as family. I know that sounds silly. I have so blessed by the blogs and by the chatting with my friends in the chat room. We have built a bond in there that is stronger than most families. When Wb is having a hard time with her precious angel of a son she has she knows that she can talk to us and vice versa, when I have a hard time with dealing with my dear angels she is there for me. I hope that this feature never goes away. To all my friends who I chat with in chatroom I truely love all of you and think of you as family.

Rhonda Jones @blackrose65 ·

pass the tissues wb...:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: amen

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

I agree also. :cool:

We have a very special chat room here at CB.

It is a privilege to have access to such a wonderful community of believers.

A special thanks to John and anyone else who makes this chat room available to us.


Steven Fox @cemeteryman ·

Though I am at best a very rare find in the chat room I do know that my wife loves it dearly and has helped to get her through some very trying times. She has also made some friends too. Thank you for this and thank you for spreading God's word.

Jamie Degonia @girlforgod ·

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chat room... everything about it. Especially the close friendships I've made. Love you WB:)

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Ahhh I am never in the chatroom to know whats going on there. :wink:
BUT I hear there are some very strange goings on in it. For instance I hear that there are people who actually PRAY in it, and SING in it. I Have even heard a rumour that there was even breaking of bread in it one evening. HMmmm I need to check it out sometime.
Except.... I also heard a rumour that there is one really strange guy, who insists on bringing his golf clubs into chat, is that right? .,

Don't ya just love God's people. :pray:

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I avoided the chatroom like the plague while I was in chemo and while I was trying to recover. My brain was really messed up during that time and all I'll say is it was a good thing I had plenty of time to read and edit blogs both before and after posting or you would have seen some even stranger things.

Contrary to popular belief, my brain is no longer "messed up".

Well, it is no longer quite as messed up.

Okay, it is still messed up but it works faster than it did for awhile! Sheesh! Some people are so picky! :wink:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson (@Bethy),

Those rumors are correct. I have actually witnessed times of prayer and singing. I was even at that breaking of bread thing. I hear there's a transcript of it here. In addition to a great message delivered by that guy...what's his name...oh yeah...B2Y, there was this great praise and worship leader.

Seriously, I cried throughout the entire service. This was compounded as I thought about the fact that I was actually having communion with so many people I have become connected with over the past 20 months I have been here at CB. In this very disconnected world, chat is a great way to get connected and stay connected with other Christ-Followers.

Yes, I do love God's people!

K :princess:

Esther Teuka @lfjoito ·

WB i totally agree with you about the chatroom so grateful to God and John for opening such a family orientated chatroom where you can cry, pray, sing, laugh and even play... hehehe
You make friends you never forget and friends who become just like family
Love the chatroom and yes i gotta blog more too.... when im not disappearing from chatroom every now and than... lol..hehehe

Lovin it!!

Anna Jones @annajones ·

:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: WB ..thanks for writing actually how I feel also about chat. I to didnot write many blogs. But I love to read blogs, prayer request and praise reports and talking in Chat with some wonderful wonderful people who love the Lord and worship him in truth. Not just lip service. And you are so apart of that. Again thank you for writing what alot of us wanted to say... And excuse me BETH!! We would love to have you there sometime... lol.

Love u WB.. AJ

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

I got a wonderful friend like you . i totally agee with kraftykatz words..
god bless you ..enjoyed your blog !!

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