I am ready to stand up!.. oh wait no im not

My Bible study group at church is such a wonderful group of people. I have gotten really close to most of them and feel very open with them. ON Sunday after our meeting I was talking to one girl in our group saying how the devil has been attacking em with jealousy and how I have been finally seeming to get through it by putting on teh armor of God : But then I get tested again... My cat Scogin has been at the vet since Saturday morning. He seems to have a really bad bladder infection. Sooo being at the vets for four nights and have an Iv and such is going to cost a pretty penny.. I live by myself already and that makes everything financially tight already then to have a huge bill on top of that is scary enough.. My mom calls me after I get off work yesterday and with all my other bills that I have to pay she tells me that the motor vehical association is after me for a speeding ticket I forgot to pay and my lisence will be suspended if I don't pay it. It is a $90 ticket... Ouch. I broke down crying once I got to my apartment, Beau was there and he was trying to comfort me. I spent all night cleaning my apartment with Beau, getting my mind off the fact of money. Then I was reminded.. I forgot the finacial provision God had given me this paycheck.. even though I just deposited it into my savigns account earlier. I know it will pray for all my bills and leave some to start paying off the vet and I will still hopefully have some left to start getting Christmas gifts with. I set myself up to be tested because I felt like I could hadle it but God showed me I couldnt handle it without him and he will provide for me what I need.

Eileen Algaze @ladyvogue ·

Amen! aint that true! I know this walk is pretty tuff! but you gotta keep on keepin on! Keep your head held high and continue to run this race diligently!


Hey Sam!

Yeah... we never really stop learning. :wink: It's a work in progress.

Diva :heart:

Benjamin Foulks @galahad ·

God loving and providing; and us knowing we need Him always and just Praising and Thanking Him...kinda how it should be, huh?


it is hard sometimes butt rember threw god all is possible and he will take care of all ur needs. we all need to putt god first and trust he will always care for us.

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