I didn't hear anything!

You ever get one of those moments where God is telling you something, trying tog et your to do something for Him an dyou say "I didn't hear anything!" Yesterday night, my boyfriend, his mom and I went linedancing. AWe go every Wednesday night and have fun learning new songs and just enjoying each others company. We have a few friends who also go and it is justa fun time. Well, Beau (my boyfriend) and I had just finished dancing to one of our favorite songs and his mom was talking to this lady. His mom came back obver and sat down with us and told me that this woman listened to one of my favorite Chirstian stations. I heard God say "Go talk to her." I shrugged it off. I wasn't really preparded to go and witness to someone. But God kept saying, "Go over and talk to her." I took a leap of faith, prayed for God to lead the conversation and walked over. There wasa huge age difference between her and me. She had grandchildren already and another grandchild on the way. I thought it was going to be a rough conversation. I walked over and said hi and asked her about the radio station that we both enjoy and it flowed from there. I talked to her for about 10 minutes about our jobs and music and cats. I let her lead and when I had to leave she was excited to talk to me again next week. I walked out with Beau and he asked me "What was that? that was very unlike you." I said, "Well, God wanted me to do it, I don't know why, but I had to do it." I thought about how God wasn't really mention, but some how God had a reason for it. I find it very cool how God just nags us to do little things and we just have to follow through or it will bother us the rest of the day!

Eileen Algaze @ladyvogue ·

Tell me about it! Its happen to me so many times... where God makes you extreamly on edge because he wants you got go up to someone and talk to them or give the a word of encouragement or just pray for them! PHEW!!! I am glad I am not the only one who goes through that! Sometimes God lets me feel another persons hurt or feelings and after hours of fighting the feeling to go up to them, I give in because its way to powerful! LOL. God is amazing. Who knows, maybe this person is ment to minister to you or you to her. Maybe you'll develop a wonderful relationshop with her and she can give you advice. Just because of hte age diffrence, we believe that we cannot relate to them, but we can very much relate to them sense they ahve gone through what we have gone through.

Steve Cohen @mrgramps ·

Hello youaregolden,

It's mrgramps. I loved your testimony of witnessing for Jesus. It will happen a lot if you continue to keep your heart fixed on Him. Jesus loves you so much!
God Bless,


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Goldie, its so lovely to obey the voice of the Lord, and when we obey him in the small things, then he will allow us the joy of listening to him for the bigger things... you go girl, i would so love to see you line dancing.. do you have a cowboy hat?

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

My daughter and her best friend did a lot of line dancing (together) years ago. They each promised each other they would dance at the other's wedding, and they did! I have pictures of the two girls dancing together at my daughter's wedding.

And you obeyed God. He'll bless the relationship and you for it. You may just be sowing seeds, but I pray you'll see the harvest too.


Benjamin Foulks @galahad ·

I've had that happen alot. Sometimes it's something I don't really want to do and if I wait too long the opportunity is gone. Then it's like ladyvogue expressed... it just kinda ruins the rest of the day. Sometimes I find myself reaching a point where I say, "Argh! Ok! Ok!" It always turns out to be a blessed experience.

You keep following those little promptings Sis. Thanks for the encouraging testimony!


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