It is not just how you treat the teller at the bank...

My family and I watches Even Almighty the other night and even though there were a few parts of the movie I didn't like and thought wrong, it had some very good points. The one that stuck out to me the most was ARK, acts of random kindness. God solidified this at my missions trip meeting Sunday night when we were talking about sharing our testimony and how it isn't simply a speech, but it is how we live. It was brought up how people treat bank tellers pretty badly, like a machine and if something is wrong with their money, we get the blame. While that is true, the bank teller also needs to treat the customers respectfully and like ppeople. I see them everyday and I start looking at them as a nother deposit or withdraw. I forget that they are real people with real problems. It works both ways. While I like it when the customers treat me with respect and as a human, I need to do the same to them. When they get on my nerves with something stupid, I hjave to realize they don't understand the way banks work the way I do. I must be kind and considerate. Also, simply saying "Hi how are you?" and showing interest in the customer makes their day better. I have customers who now come to me and talk, they tell me about their grandchildren and their families. I have had customers come in looking down and when they leave they are smiling and feeling a lot better. When you treat people like they should be with love and kindness it helps them feel worth it. It is those acts of random kindness that show Christ love to others too. When we just do something a little extra to show people we care, it is an example of Christ. Ephesians 4:1-3I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called, with all lowliness and gentleness, with long suffering, bearing with one another in love, endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. This goes for other Christians too. We shouldn't treat the world better then we do our brothers and sisters, just as we shouldn't treat our friends better then our family. Those acts of random kindness can be a great witness to the unsaved.

Andrew Luckhaupt @luckyone ·


Right on!

I was complaining about my family and their lack of understanding of my faith. My wise sister in law pointed out that when I was saved, I changed...not them :doh: I had to live differently and not expect that they will because I am around.

Great blog!



The next time you find someone

  • rude to you perhaps they are telling you that you have not respected them.
  • shouting at you perhaps they are telling you to tone down
  • withholding information from you perhaps they are subtly telling you that you have betrayed their trust
  • not looking at you or avoiding you ,perhaps they are non-verballly telling you "you look me no up"
  • not keeping time with you, perhaps they are saying "you are always late so why waste my time waiting?"

Those are but a few symptoms of recoil/feedback for our disrespect of others. There may be countless others. Yes according to the Golden Rule we must love others as we love ourselves and respect is inevitably included here.

Have you noticed someone

  • go an extra mile to serve you?
  • being helpful on a difficult day?
  • smiling back at you nodding in response to your acknowledgement?
  • leaving you whistling or singing?
  • pulling you towards a fun place?
  • sharing a joke with you?
  • keeping you company although it is late?
  • overlooking your faults?
    Perhaps, perhaps it was because they felt your respect.

Youaregolden has raised a very valuable reminder -that we should treat others as we would like them to treat us. How often we find it is easier to treat strangers better than we treat our loved ones at home. May the Lord help us to love the unlovely and shed His love abroad through our giving others daily everyday common respect they deserve.

Thank you youaregolden you have shared a valuable lesson for living God's life.

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·


What a great reminder. I too work where I have continuous contact with customers. One of my primary goals is to have each and every one leave with a smile... and I seldom fail. We can demonstrate our belief to strangers, friends and even family via our interactions.

Bless you, Goldie,

Alive iin the Word

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

Very well said. I worked as a cashier for several years and it really doesn't matter what type of job when you are dealing with people in direct contact. When something goes wrong they blame you even though it may be store policy and nothing you can change.

A smile and a friendly hello go a long way in making the interaction a pleasant one for all. I too had regular customers come and and share things with me and ask about me.

:coffee:drinking tea


Amen Goldie! I have had some issues lately, as most people I'm around sit around and talk badly about others and it in turn makes me treat those people in a bad way. I keep kicking myself for doing this. Your blog relates to this for me so thanks for the extra kick!

Thanks for always sharing your thoughts with us. I always find them helpful...

P.S. I worked in customer service for 11 years and it's so true that you really do have to tell yourself that these people don't understand the way you do. It's easy to get frustrated b/c you're telling a customer something you just told the last 10 people, but you have to realize you are starting over every time... .

Thanks again!! :clap:

Rhonda Jones @blackrose65 ·

I feel you goldie.. i was in customer service with a major credit card and I was in constant prayer when I worked there. remember- james 3:16... there's a lot of envy around money....

Esther Teuka @lfjoito ·

Thank you for the reminder Sam
I think i also have to remember people are real cause sometimes i take peple for granted


What is that song that talks about not knowing what the other person is going through? Sorry I am bad with the names of songs and singers, but I do remember parts of songs that stands out to me or pulls on my heart because that is what the Lord wanted me to hear at that moment. This particular song stood out at me because I know no one really knows what the other person is going through. I try to be repectful to everyone and treat them like they are very important to me. I worked as a waitress for many years. We had comment cards and alot of my cards always said that they( the customers) felt like they were the only ones in the resteraunt and that I made them smile. They would always treat me with respect and they would request me when they came in. Some were not great tippers but they gave me something more valuable, the honor in serving them and being able to bless them, I didn't know their finacial problems but it didn't seem to matter to me. I like to feel like I left an impression on them and maybe they in turn gave their life to Jesus. Many times my customers would ask me how I was so happy and respectful and I would tell them it was because Jesus loved me. That ususally would get the conversation started, I would get looks from the owner when I shared my story with my customers. But he didn't dare fire me because he didn't want to lose business. When I left, many of my customers told me they didn't like the resteraunt anymore because I wasn't there, this I know because some of them go to church with me now. I pray that I blessed everyone of my customers. Maybe I planted a seed in their lives and I will see them one day in heaven. Thanks for this blog Sam.


My mom always tells me "everyone has a story." We just might not know the whole thing except the look of disgust on the person's face and immediately jump to conclusions that that said person has an "attitude." Great job Sam :)

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