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When I was younger my dad used to coach my soccer team. I was a cry baby and when I got hurt I would cry and need a bandaid or something to make me feel better. My dad would just tell me to "walk it off." There was one game where I was playing goalie and one girl had tripped over my leg and twisted it pretty bad and my dad yelled to just walk it off. I got up tears in my eyes and my leg hurt really bad and tried to play. We were up against the hardest team and they scored three goals on me. I was trying to walk it off but the pain wouldn't stop. Even to this day, whenever I get hurt I hear my dad's words to just "walk it off." When I hit my ankle with a hammar the other day, I knew I should just get up and walk it off. I haven't wanted to do anything for the pain because I just need to walk it off. It will get better. There is no use in crying over it. Even though I did. I still picked myself back up and walked it off. A lot of parts of my life I have learned to do that. When pain comes, emotional or physical, I just walk it off. Pretend like it doesn't hurt and just try to move on. BUt I think it is coming to the point where I need to realize I am hurting and ask God to heal me of the pain and see the beauty in it. With my recent breakup with Ryan.. I had pain that I didn't want to admit I had. Every time I saw something that had his first name or last name, the pain would start again, but I would ignore it and just walk it off. God has had to take this pain and use it so I could come to Him and ask Him to heal me. I am still hurting from the pain of the breakup, but it isn't as bad. Healing takes time, but it also takes admiting that you are hurt. I thank my dad for telling me too just "walk it off" because it helped me to get stronger. And it helps me to get back on my feet again after being wounded. And it also taught me that after I sin and I repent, that I need to just get back up and walk right. It is no use to just wallow in the sin, but I need to learn from it and walk for Christ. So there are times where I need to just "walk it off," and others where I need to fall into the arms of Jesus and let Him heal me. I pray this blesses you!

Albert Bunyea @bubbavela ·

I praise God for giving you the understanding on when to do that.


Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

Thank God! For many things... That you have been taught about how to "walk right" or "walk it off" once you sin and repent... But also thank God that you aren't taking it to the other extreme of going to the point as if you don't need the Lord. I'm just beginning to learn that some of the most tender moments I spend with the Lord is when he is "binding up" my broken heart...


Amen...you are a blessing!

Gina Mcdaniel @2godbetheglory ·

Thanks for the wonderful read....yep, you and your proud Dad are both right....keep on walkin'...keep on pressin'....keep on looking forward to the prize!

And in the prize that has already been won for us, I know that we will find the strength to turn over our hurts to Him. For he already know that they are there. I pray in your particular case that in his time you will be immensely blessed by what he has in store for you.

God Bless!

Erin Cochran @throughfaith ·

Sister, you are a step ahead of me in this.

I have learned to do many things with the pain that comes my way ... hide it, ignore it, swallow it, cry about it, yell about it, blame other people for it (that's not such a brilliant thing to do I might add) ... but I am still learning the lesson of "walk if off".

Thank you for such a blessed reminder.


Phillip H Ruby @philruby ·

Good blog, Goldie. I was raised to "shake it off" when I got hurt. There were times I got really angry with my dad for saying that when I was in terrible pain. Then I realized that in our case it was his way of finding out just how bad off I was. If I could get up angry at him and stomp off complaining, then he figured I was all right. He even laughed at me about it sometimes. As I grew older I realized that he loved me more than I knew. He was laughing because he knew I was all right.

There were a few times, however, that he would say that and I would not get up, nor even acknowledge that he said it. Those times he would jump up, grab me and check me out thoroughly because he was then afraid maybe I was really hurt.

Now that I am a parent, I realize that some things parents say have a much more complex meaning than the off-the-cuff way they sound to a child. When I was very young I thought my dad was being thoughtless and cruel when he wanted me to just "shake it off" when I hurt. Later, and even more now, I realize that he was really saying, "I love you, son."

God does not always rush to our rescue every time we fall. But He sees...and He loves us. He lets us gather our wits and do what we can for ourselves. That truly does make us stronger. In the times we really need His help, His great hand is right there.

Blessings to you, Goldie

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