Stain Glass Masquerade

Have you heard of that song by Casting Crowns... it is one of my favorties! (go here to read the lyrics : )... this song has been on my heart a lot. It seems as a lot of Christians when they go to church and when they fellowship with other Christians they put on this mask. They hide their true self... "are we just happy plastic people..." Happy plastic people..who hide everything that is going wrong in our lives so we look as evrything is going great. We don't want people to see our weaknesses... and we smile to hide our pain. I know this is true of me. Sometimes I wish I could be real all the time, and just let people see who I really am and what I am facing. And I have prayed for God to help me... Why do we Christians hide our trueselves from each other?? Why do we try to impress each other..when we are really dying inside.. The reason I love CB so much is everyone is real. We share everythign wiht each other and we are like a big happy family. I love knowing that the people are real. And I can be truthful and open with you guys... My thing challenge is... why don't we be different. Why don't we show whats going on in our lifes to our church, let them get involved and maybe we can help stregthen them! Or maybe we can find support and help from them... I don't know...I'm just tired of churches where we are just happy plastic people under a shiny plactic steaple...

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

I think there are lots of people asking this question today. People are weary of false pretenses and are seeking the truth of God's word. I think God is going to change Church as we have know it for so many years and bring it back to the uplifting of the saints -fellowship, discipleship and meeting needs as it was in the time of the apostles. Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking Church, but I do believe God is takeing his children to a deeper faith, a faith not seen since the time of the apostles. I'm very excited about it!
Love in Christ

Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·

Amen Poodle! I feel it, too! It is happening and God is at work. Hang on Sam, it'll be quite a ride! Love Ya, Mom

Erica Vega-delgado @paprika89 ·

Well the reason Christians hide their true selves are because they are ashamed to be looked at as "fallen" or "weak" They live this painful sorrowful life but want people to hold them on a pedestal. They want to feel loved and accepted just the way you view them in YOUR EYES. I can live in complete sin and no one in church could ever know, because I would go on living like everything is all right. But the more I hide from God and people that longer it will take for the pain to subside. Some Christians are a mere reflection of the Christian they once were. So in order to not disappoint others and feel like a complete loser...they go on living like they're still that person? Do you understand? Because I've been there. And thank you for helping me look at this from another view. That's weird, I have that song but I have never listened to it. I will get to it.

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