Thank God for the cars infront of me..

I love to drive. I love going fast and just going without anyone in front of me just the open road. Sadly this gets me introuble sometimes. I was driving down a back road on my way to work a few weeks ago and the speed limit was 40. I always push 60, sometimes 70, sometimes a little more. There are never cops on this road and I have been down it so many times I know it like the back of my hand. I turn this one corner and see another car coming so I hit the breaks and slow down. This car backs into a driveway and as soon as I get closer I see it is a cop. I pass and those lights go on. I pulled over to the side and he says, "Ma'am, you know you were going 75 mph in a 40 right?" "Yes officer, I am sorry, I wasn't paying attention." "Are you in a hurry to get somewhere?" "No sir, I was just driving." I gave him my license and registration and then sat there and thought, well it was about time it happened. I got a ticket, $290 and 5 points on my license. I could go to court to get some of my points taken off or just pay the fine and live with the points. Still haven't decided what to do, but that is not the point. While I was driving home today, I got stuck behind a car. Now the car was going the speed limit, but I wanted to push it. But then I saw God's mercy. He sent that car infront of me to help me stay the right speed, to obey the law that the government put inforce so we can be safer. God puts people in front of us to show us a good example. But then God puts us to the test. He lets us out on that open road and has given us the Holy Spirit to help us make the right decisions. God gives us a choice, to follow Him or to follow the desires of our hearts. I love driving fast, but if it is going to endanger those around me and with me then why do it?

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Yeah,well!!! can you drive at 75mph AND take both hands off the wheel !!!!!!

Lovely little lesson here sam, and I am smiling, for I always threten to take my daughters keys if she drives as I do. And em err, sometimes I drive as you seem to do:doh:

I sometimes believe we need that short sharp smack from God (5 points ouch), to bring us back into his will.

Ah you just take care Goldie, and if we meet each other on the road we will both pray hard, hows that?

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Please write this 70 times on the blackboard. The younger one is, the faster one wants to go. That is a law of life that has been followed since the mode of transportation was camels. But still...
You have to ask yourself these questions regarding going way too fast.

  1. Can you afford either the ticket and points or attorney's fees and fines?
  2. Can you afford it if someone pulls out and you can't stop due to the speed and you smash into them?
  3. Can you justify it spiritually since there are strict laws concerning speed limits?

If you must speed, try and keep it within 20 mph of posted speed limit. The authorities have little tolerance for anyone going over the "rule of 20". Good luck.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Totally agree with B2Y,, do not speed young lady!!!!!!

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