What am I supposed to say to you???

A few years ago, my family did this group every Friday night with a couple of families where we studied God's Word, shared a meal together and just enjoyed each others company. It was great times, there was a group of teenagers and we all hung out, played games. We were a tight group. Had great nights. One of my guy friends there had the same Birthday as me.. we weren't very close, I actually attempted to date his brother, but I digress. Steve (this friend) was a growing Christian, he looked to be in Love with God and His word, always asking questions and trying to grow. Fast Forward a few years, Steve is now in Iraq. Married, baby on the way, shunned from his family, and bitter and broken. He comes to me every few weeks and asks "why did God do this to me?" Most of the time I try to talk to Him about God, but he changes the subject. The other day, I was sitting at work and he sent me a chat on Facebook. His first sentance was "I am F****** messed up." I asked whats wrong? He proceeded to tell me that God hates him. His wife wont talk to him, his family rejecting him... He is upset he won't be home to see his baby be born. He asked me this: yeah give god a message for me tell him i will one day show that even i god can bleed and that he should not hide from us if he is really there let him know that he is welcome to come and vist his so called holy lands and when he gets here tell him to come see me man to man i have a gift for him he takes everything from me i will take something from him What am I supposed to say to that???? I stopped everything and prayed for him right then, that God would show Himself to him in a way that Steve cannot ignore. Something to show him God does love him. He signed off a few minutes later after I told him why I believe ( even though it wasn't the best I could do.). I went to a close friend of mine afterwards and said "Why did I have to have this problem thrown at me? I am not very strong in my faith right now! I don't know what to say???" He simply answer me, "God thinks you are." So I prayed through the rest of the day, asking God to show me what to say. I gave him the verse Romans 8:28.. He came back at me with he turned his back on me i loved him i honored him and he turned his back on me so what am i suposed to do other than turn from him What am I supposed to say to THAT? The next morning I was doing my Bible Study and God hit me with what I needed to tell him. Hebrews 11. He responded to my by saying Thank You and that he would read it with an open heart. I haven't talked to him since, so there is no real happy ending YET. But sometimes we don't see the plant grow, we plant the seed, water, then let God grow. And before freaking out about what to say, say a prayer. God always leads in the right direction.

Alan Nethery @shadowalker ·

Goldie, God never asks us if we are prepared... He just ask that we be obedient and willing to respond when He calls for us to witness for Him..

He will always give you what you need... you must remember that we are just ask to plant the seed... it is God Himself who will nurture and harvest the crop.

Lean always on Him, and rest assured He abides with you always!

God Bless!


Eileen Algaze @ladyvogue ·

Hey Goldie, I wish you the best of luck with your friends. I think you should read the book of Job, continue reading it, but I believe your friend would be able to relate to the book of Job so very much. Godbless!

Benjamin Foulks @galahad ·

As you said, "...there is no real happy ending YET... ", which means the whole story is not over...God is still writing it for him. If my blog "God has turned His back on you" can be of any help for him...feel free to use any of it that you believe God will use to help your friend.

I will be praying too.


Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Now trouble starts with wrong assumptions. You say your freind was 'Christian' and is a true or false now or then or all of the above or non of the above. And not everyone who called the Lord, Lord is truly in communion with Jesus. And it is tricky. How do you tell someone you have been duped with misconceptions when he or she is already bitter with God. The best thing is

to change the subject and look the sky, the trees and the stars and clouds and rain and see the real picture of a good God that means us good and not disaster. The Proverb tells that those who trouble thier house will inherit wind. Now what kind of good 'witness' have I am, that I should expect good things from the Lord...?

May you be blessed. Amen.


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