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Three things ive learned about god as ive got older.
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Well I been thinking a lot about this over the past few days & have questioned myself have I learned anything especially as I feel so far away from him at this time. Who am I to write bout what I've learned but been thinking about it much this past half hour so hear it goes. First thing I've learned is that I have a father who loves me. A heavenly father that loves me in spite of everything I have done. A father who will never ever hurt me or leave the way my earthly father done...It's say in Deut 31:6 that we are not to be afraid as our father goes with us & that he will never leave us nor forsake us. It's jus knowing that our heavenly father is always by out side even when we don't feel him. Secondly Jeremiah 29:11 says For I know the plans that I have for......
A flower quickly fading
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Well last nite it was my 3 oldest kids school prize giving evening. A nite that my 17yr old son received his gcse certificates also my 15yr old son & 13yr old daughter also received numerous awards. A nite that I should have been bursting with pride...but instead all I could think of was they don't need me anymore...thinking of how I jus want 2 lie down & never wake up again but at the same time I had made a promise that I would b there for someone on Mon so I won't break that promise. Maybe that's God's way of keeping me safe or maybe not? Today it's my rainbow baby's birthday. My baby girl is 11yrs old...a day I should b celebrating but I can't. Today I jus want 2 curl up & die. I hear u all saying u r blessed with 4 children stop whining &......
If i could jus say them words
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If I could say them words ¦ what words I hear u all say...what words?I can't physically say them words ¦ I'm scared 2 say them words...if I say them words out loud I'm afraid of what I mite do...them words that will bring me back 2 a time of a little 8yr old girl...I'm sounding as if I've lost my mind...Well suppose I have ¦ I'm hating & blaming myself for what happened 2 me...oh my days I hate who I am...
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