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Seeing my brother in a new light
Anna Banana
published . 1 min read
I’m late today, I was waiting for the breakroom computer to be free… I saw my older brother this weekend and wanted to write something about him but wasn’t really sure what to say or how to say it, but here goes. I was there to help with his kids so he could focus on his wife as she deals with the side effects of chemotherapy. I know he’s a strong and faithful man and I’m proud to be his sister but I must admit that growing up I sometimes saw him as arrogant and selfish. Often it seemed like he was too busy “doing his own thing” to take his responsibilities to the family seriously. When it was his turn to say grace he most often ducked it and left me to say it. Sometimes I wondered if he refused because he didn’t feel the spirit. This......
Still reading old blogs
Anna Banana
published . 1 min read
I still spend most of my time here reading old blogs which isn't easy to do on a shared work computer in the breakroom... but has started some interesting conversations when people look over my shoulder. I'd just read an article written by a man who'd been in ministry for about 15 years that meshed well with one of those breakroom conversations. The minister was talking about what he called the "Christian sub culture", including talking about youth movements. He talked about silly things like Christian themed t-shirts and Jesus bobbleheads and one of my favorites, Christian music (I love bands like Mercy Me, For King and Country and Casting Crowns). Then he said something I didn't expect, he talked about getting trapped in the "Christian Bubble". He......
Life's wrestling matches
Anna Banana
published . 1 min read
Romade said to "bring it" on in the community area, so here it is. Okay. I'm new here so I spent some time yesterday mostly reading a series by John Knox about the minefield of deception. I also appreciated John A's recent post about finding the road in a rainstorm (I asked if pulling off the road was an option). I guess I'm also in one of those Robert Frost "Road less traveled" moments. I won't bore you with details but I see myself starting a youth ministry of sorts. It won't benefit me financially (probably the opposite) because the people who will benefit the most have no money. So what's the problem? I can't shake the feeling that I'd somehow be doing it for me rather than for the Lord (enjoying gratitude, deriving my own joy,......
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