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The lost days
published . 2 min read
The other day I was thinking about a Bible that has been sitting on a shelf, untouched, for about ten years. It was once one of my most cherished positions. It went everywhere I went. I preached from it twice a week for years. It went with me on oversea mission trips. I read it all the way through twice. Yet there it sits, untouched, for ten years. It has been calling out to me the last few weeks. Reminding me of all the time we had spent together. The treasures it taught me. The quiet times spent in fellowship. But I still have not reached over there and picked it up. It is not that I gave up on it. Not that I no longer like the translation it is. The best excuse reason that I can give is that it represents the decision that I made almost twenty years ago to leave the ministry of the......
Yippee! new beginnings
published . 1 min read
Romans 12:2 (peshitta) Do not imitate the way of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, that you may discern what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. It is never too late to remind yourself of Romans 12:2, which so sadly is a root cause of problems for the vast majority of Christians, with myself right at the front of the line. The ways of the world suck us in so fast, so easily, and in such a way that we seem to fail to notice it has happened, usually 'yet again'. Over the years, many years ago, that I published blogs under my other account @abelajohnb there was a constant battle between me wanting to be me, and me needing to be a representative, of such, of the ChristianBlog website. Early on I realize that what I wrote on my primary......
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