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Chris Waugh
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I remember a time when I was younger.The only thing preoccupied my time was playing outside in the dirt with my toy trucks, watching Lucky Luke and eating icecream. Life seems so simple when one is young. You don't need to worry about anything. For you have your loving family. Our Lord said that we were going to have a troublesome time on earth. I don't think it is just because we are Christians but because we live in a world where SIN reigns. As we grow older our troubles seem to develop and follow us. In a typical week, for anybody it could be financial problems, not being able to meet month end or middle end expenses. TV being broken, dog becoming sick, your boss telling you, you have contract and must stick to it even though family members need you more than the job. We find......
The great flood
Chris Waugh
published . 2 min read
Goodevening my dear friends Tonight in sunny South Africa across the plains of our beautiful land. God is letting His rain come down upon us which I always think of as a blessing. Many people hate the rain for with it comes the wet dog, messes of dirt in the lounge, car being struck by hail and the list of negatives goes on. I like to think of the rain as God hugging His creation, letting them know He has not forgotten them and that whatever is happening in their lives, He is still there. I have doing a lot of bible study since my gran fell ill and interestingly while searching the internet I came across a piece of scripture that challanged how I believed about dinosuars. I always thought that they were the ones that took millions of years to evolve and by the time Adam and Eve were......
Thank you everyone
Chris Waugh
published . 1 min read
I want to thank everyone for making me feel at home here on Christianblog. I was searching for a community to help me through this difficult time in my life and you guys have made me feel at home. My grandmother recently developed Alzheimers and has been challenging to look after her even with the support of a housekeeper and a mom. She is a loving granny but it has been so scary and hard to see her deteriate so fast. Yet I have found that this has drawn me closer to Jesus of which I am thankful for. When I was younger I could never understand how a person could meet adversity and get closer to Christ but I realised that through testing and adversity we learn to depend on Him. I sometimes worry that my future will my hindered by this new development but Christ has reassured in me through......
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