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Jeanne Rugg
published . 3 min read
What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was in such a place of despair. Through many circumstances I had fallen out of serving in ministry. God had allowed several instances to occur in an area of ministry He's gifted me in. This area is worship. Not in so much my vocals, which are decent, but in moving His Spirit when I led. It was His gifting entirely. When we moved here and found a church, worship was an area of need. My husband and myself volunteered for worship team and served there. I didn't lead for a while, but eventually replaced the worship leader when he stepped down. Prior to moving, I had been serving as a worship leader and had felt the support of the body, and the confirmation of God's calling in this area. During worship, I have always been free to stop and......
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Jeanne Rugg
published . 1 min read
Just wanted to say "hey" to everyone. I'm new here to the blog and thought I'd say a quick hello. If you want, I've written a little bit in my bio, so feel free to check it out. I've never blogged before, so this should be an interesting sojourn into the blog life. It looks like a great way to share thoughts, encourage each other, etc... Plus, it's really good to be able to relate to someone, even if it's in cyberspace! If you're like me and are new-ish to an area, it seems like it's a great way to get some fellowship as well. We're new to the church we're attending and it's been a little rough meeting people/getting acclimated. I'm hoping blogging will offer some much needed sounding boards opportunities and give me a place to......
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