Tamara Dalrymple
Alive and ready to share the GREAT news of salvation! The greatest gift you will ever receive and the only one you truly need! I am passionate about writing and sharing insight into the greatest book ever written - The Bible! I am an ordained minister and currently working on a Bachelors of Divinity. I have published three books on horses as I am also a horse trainer and small time farmer. I am blessed to be the mother of four beautiful children ages 21-13. In everything to God be the glory!

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The entire world - and all that is in it - is a living breathing sign that points to the Glory of God and the need for salvation and reconciliation to Him through Christ Jesus. Every experience, situation, every second of everyday, you are looking at...

How God used a ornery dapple grey colt to teach me about the perfect love contained in Gods law. I am an unconventional farmer, who God saw fit to bless with a 40 acre farm in the rolling hills of rural West Virgina. He also saw fit to bless me with...

Of all the scripture passages in the Bible "Love Thy Enemy" is probably one of the hardest to follow. Why? Because it goes completely contrary to our human nature and asks us to operate entirely in our "God Nature" our Spirit...

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