Current Status

We never like asking for help, but at the moment ChristianBlog.Com is massively behind in paying bills and salary for 2019.

As of right now, just 4 months into the year, we are already $3,372 behind - not good!

Please, if you have the means to help us get out from behind that would be a real blessing!

We know that many of you are customers, so I wanted to let you know that if you would like to financially support ChristianBlog.Com, you can use your Amazon account to buy an Amazon eGift cards!

We understand that not everybody can use PayPal or send a check, and we know that a whole lot of people use Amazon around the world, so by sending an Amazon eGift card page this makes for a great way to help support us.

Within the "To" field, on the Amazon eGift card page please enter the email address: (which is our personal email address, linked to our amazon account) and amazon will know to send the gift card to us!

If you have/use Venmo on your mobile device and would like to send some funds via Venmo, just click the button below!

If you would like to give a check or money order donation:

Please make sure the "Payee Name" is "John Abela" (the owner of ChristianBlog.Com) and do not include 'ChristianBlog' anywhere within the payee field.

Mail your check / money order to:
    POB 3206
    Eureka, CA
    United States of America
When the check / money order has been received and precessed, you will receive a private message letting you know.
Supporting ChristianBlog.Com

Hello and thank you for your interest in supporting the ChristianBlog.Com ministry!

ChristianBlog.Com is an online ministry where Christian's can be blessed and bless others!

Like any ministry we need financial resources to allow us to keep ministering to Christians around the world.

If you have the means to donate to ChristianBlog.Com, without financially hurting yourself, that would be a wonderful blessing to us!

Many blessings and thank you!

John B. Abela (@abelajohnb)
Founder & owner