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Premier Membership grants you access to extra features to improve your experience and support the ChristianBlog.Com ministry.

The ChristianBlog.Com ministry is just like most other ministries, we need financial income in order to keep ministering. Our primary source of financial income is through monthly subscriptions.

Membership Details
Membership Options: Free $3.33 Per Month
Number Of Blogs You Can Create Every 24 Hours 1 3
Maximum Blog Length 3,500 Characters FUP
Donation Requests On Your Blogs
Display "About Author" On All Blogs
Create Blog Series
Reduced Advertisement1
Link Other Social Websites To Profile
Home Page Blog Listings2
Early Access To Some New Features3
Profile Featured Blog4
Name+ Indicator5
Dashboard / Statistics6
Profile About/Bio On Blogs7
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Features Legend
1) This feature will remove most of the advertisements from the website while you are signed into your account. It must be specifically turned off after your account is upgraded.

2) This feature will allow your blogs to be posted on the visitor home page and the members home page - note that other criteria may be required.

3) This feature will allow you to access some of the features that we develop for the website before they are available to all members of the website.

4) This feature allows you to select a specific blog to be featured on your profile page!

5) This feature adds a plus sign (+) next to your name so people know your love for CB!

6) The Dashboard offers advanced statistics for both your account and blogs.

7) This feature adds your profile bio/about on all of your blogs, a great way to highlight yourself and increase viewership of your other blogs!