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Israel moves to mute mosques' call to prayer over loudspeakers
By Jeffrey Heller JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A law to muffle mosques' amplified calls to prayer in Israel and occupied East Jerusalem won preliminary approval on Wednesday in a charged parliamentary session where Arab legislators denounced the measure as racist. Supporters of the bill say it is aimed
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The bible is 'criminal' british court convicts preachers
In what their lawyer calls a "modern-day heresy trial," a British court has convicted two street preachers of a public order offense for preaching the Bible in public.
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Report islam will surpass christianity as worlds dominant religion by end of century
According to a recent report, the religion of Islam is growing rapidly and there will be more people who identify as Muslim than as Christians by the year 2070.
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Cuban couple arrested for homeschooling their children
HAVANA, Cuba -- A Cuban couple was recently arrested for homeschooling their children, as the government says that "homeschooling is not considered an educational institution, as this term is basically used in countries with capitalist foundations.” Ramón and Adya Rigal were taken into custody on Feb. 21 after authorities realized their children were not attending school…
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Evangelist, reinhard bonnke, who helped win 75 million souls for christ announces farewell crusade
The number is staggering. More than 75 million people have come to Christ through this man's ministry. Now he's passing the torch.
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We are called to be faithful, not successful
As my pastorate crumbled around me, I learned what God truly expects of us.
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Is it time for evangelicals to strategically withdraw from the culture
What is the role and mission of the church in times like these? For if the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it, as Jesus said (Mt. 16:18), one can presume that the church is not going anywhere, no matter how dire things external and internal are
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The local church is more awkward than your facebook wall
It is no small thing to experience connection with mothers who have the same struggles, or with those who share a passion for the same oft-disregarded hobby or unusual social cause.
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American archaeologists discover king solomon-era palace
They have also found Philistine pottery, lending credence to the biblical account of them living in the city until being vanquished by King David.
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Seventeen new testament manuscripts found in greece in 2015
The discoveries were made by the CSNTM. The oldest manuscript dates from the 7th century. More than 90 New Testament texts have been found since 2002.
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French evangelicals issue a convictions document ahead of elections
Perspectives on freedom of worship, poverty, education are given. “Evangelicals are worried about the growth of the extremes”, says CNEF President Étienne Lhermenault.
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Court orders wedding hall to compensate messianic couple
An Israeli court has ordered that the owners of the Vasilio wedding hall in Yavne must pay 10,000 shekels ($2,500) to a Messianic couple for refusing to rent the hall to them for their wedding after the couple said they wanted to read New Testament scriptures under the hupa.
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Nursing schools fight off witch doctors in uganda - mission network news
Do you have aches? A fever? Malaria? In Uganda, your prescription is usually the same thing; a visit to the local witch doctor.
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United states considering withdrawal from un human rights council over obsession with israel
Trump Administration calls on UNHRC to reform its anti-Israel agenda; US envoy announces possible withdrawal from body, calls on Council to “reform to more fully achieve the Council’s mission to protect and promote human rights.”
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Vom radio ywam founder loren cunningham
Loren Cunningham is the founder of Youth With a Mission (YWAM), an organization that has equipped and sent more than five million people on short-term mission trips. God called him to ministry at age 13, and later gave him a...
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Proof of ancient jewish history in druze village in northern israel
During restoration work on a synagogue in Peki’in, a Druze village in the northern Galilee, workers made a surprising and significant discovery: A limestone apex block of a column with Hebrew inscriptions dating back 1,800 years.
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Are all christians called to missions - mission network news
The question of God’s calling is a big one. Barna Group conducted a survey in 2013 asking Christians in the U.S. questions about God’s calling and their...
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Francis becomes 1st pope to visit an anglican church in rome - srn news
Pope Francis on Sunday became the first Catholic pontiff to visit an Anglican parish in Rome, using the historic occasion to press for greater closeness after centuries of mistrust, prejudices and hostility between the two churches. Francis and the Anglican bishop in Europe, Robert Innes, prayed side-by-side in the All Saints Church …
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Israel and australia sign memorandums of understandings, boosting economic ties
Netanyahu meets with PM Turnbull and Australian MP’s, signs agreements in trade, cyber security, agriculture and R&D; Netanyahu calls for “double and even triple” current bilateral trade agreements
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Jerusalem to expand
First time since Six-Day War: 250 new acres attached to Jerusalem territory, new residential neighborhood with 2,000 housing units to be built.
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Atheist group convinces virginia town to cancel field trip to ken hams ark encounter
CHRISTIANBURG, Va. -- A prominent professing atheist organization has convinced the parks and recreation department of a Virginia town to cancel an upcoming field trip to Ken Ham's Ark Encounter and Creation Museum in Kentucky by asserting that the trip is an unconstitutional government endorsement of religion…
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Report children of alcoholics in uk calling helpline to hear bedtime stories
Children as young as five are ringing a helpline to hear bedtime stories because their alcoholic parents are too intoxicated. Some of the youngsters call the counsellors at the National Association for Children of Alcoholics (Nacoa) so regularly their favourite story books are kept by the phones. According to a parliamentary group there…
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Brazil megachurch launches massively successful bible tv shows
A controversial Pentecostal megachurch in Brazil has launched Bible-based telenovelas that focus on stories from the Old Testament. The shows have been growing in popularity and reaching great commercial success.
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God shows up big at will graham's celebration tour in china
Will Graham retraced his great-grandfather's steps this weekend and shared the Gospel with thousands of people in China.
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How pastors perceive domestic violence differently
Most pastors want their churches to be a safe haven, but don’t have a plan to get there.
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A musical based on the book of ruth brings the gospel to the chinese
The show's producers hope that the play will give Chinese people a biblical perspective to improve family relationships, a big challenge in China.
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Netanyahu makes history in first visit to singapore by an israeli prime minister
Prime Minister Netanyahu traveled to Singapore Monday ahead of traveling to Australia on Tuesday, both tours historically significant as they are the first visits by an Israeli Prime Minister to both states.
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Huge christian landmark to be erected in uk
A national landmark representing one million answered Christian prayers is set to be built in the UK. The Wall of …
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Oklahoma republicans act to legalize ten commandments monuments on public property
Oklahoma is one step closer to approving a bill that would allow for the Ten Commandments to be displayed on public property alongside other historic documents.
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We can whine about the new generation or worship with them but we cant do both
We need to remember how devalued we felt when previous generations told us our music was too loud, our clothing was silly and our questions were inappropriate. According to far too many older churchgoers and pastors, some of the biggest problems in the church today are: Skinny jeans, Flip-flops, Coffee cups, Wood pallets on stage, Stage lighting, Spikey or swooped-back hair, Scruffy beards, Smart phones, Short pants, and untucked shirts...
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One in five germans would support unification of protestant and catholic churches
In the last months, the two historic religious institutions have made clear ecumenical statements in favour of more unity. The Protestant Church in Germany had 23 million members in 2013, after losing 320,000 members in 2012. Only 4% of all Protestant Church members attend Sunday worship services regularly. The Roman Catholic Church has also lost members. In 2014, about 200,000 people left Church.
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New tech allows parents to see their unborn babies in crystal clear video - the christian institute
Expectant parents can now see their child in the womb in incredible detail thanks to a technological breakthrough. a 20 week old unborn baby seen kicking, swallowing and pulling on the umbilical cord
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Haredi passengers refuse to sit next to women during flight
According to the report, some 10 haredi passengers stood in the aisles rather than take their seats before takeoff of the flight, which was reported to be completely full. The airline confirmed in a statement that the flight was met by police on arrival at London Luton “due to a small group of passengers behaving disruptively by not complying with the captain and cabin crew’s request to take their seats both prior to departure from Tel Aviv and during the flight.”
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Iran planning 20-fold increase in uranium enrichment
A spokesman for Iran's Atomic Energy Organization says its new IR-8 centrifuge machines will increase uranium enrichment capacity 20 times over the IR-1 machines currently in use. The spokesman called the new centrifuge machine "a significant development in the nuclear enrichment industry,"
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China deports 32 south korean missionaries amid crackdown on evangelism
China Deports 32 South Korean Missionaries Amid Crackdown on Evangelism The communist government of China has arrested four South Korean Christian missionaries and expelled at least 32 more after carrying out a series of police raids on churches, according to reports. The missionaries, some of who had traveled in past months and were based in the northeast Yanji region, had been helping fugitives fleeing North Korea
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5 reasons 11 am worship services are disappearing
5 Reasons 11:00 AM Worship Services Are Disappearing I wish I knew the specific reason most churches offered an 11:00 AM service on Sunday for decades. The possible theories are many, but none have been substantiated with historical research. The most plausible is the agrarian theory. That perspective holds that churches accommodated the farmers in the community. The farmers had multiple chores that had to be done in the morning. They would get the chores done and then go to church. They often followed the single service with a potluck meal on the grounds.
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More jews want to pray on temple mount
More Jews Want to Pray on Temple Mount Should Jews and other non-Muslims be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount? Palestinians, Jordanians and many Muslims say a resounding "No!"
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Jaci velasquez announces first major tour in seven years
Jaci Velasquez Announces First Major Tour In Seven Years Bilingual, multi-Platinum selling recording artist and actress Jaci Velasquez announces her first major tour in over seven years, the "Trust Tour" launching March 2 in Jacksonville, Florida. The tour supports her first, full-length studio album in over five years, the English-language Trust and Spanish-language Confío releasing globally to over 160 nations March 31 from Integrity Music.
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Young church plant rejoices over audio bibles
Young church plant rejoices over audio Bibles Over one-third of the population in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is illiterate, according to The Joshua Project. Which means for this...
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The first printed bible, available online
The first printed Bible, available online The Bible, which was printed in the first printing office of Gutenberg around 1455, can be consulted online at Gallica, National Library of France digital library.
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Eat, pray, lent here's what americans actually abstain from
Eat, Pray, Lent: Here's What Americans Actually Abstain From Nearly 3 in 10 evangelical believers now observe the season before Easter.
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'christianity theme park' in mao zedong's home province sparks outrage
'Christianity theme park' in Mao Zedong's home province sparks outrage Neo-Maoists express fury online over project in city of Changsha regarded as Chinese communism’s answer to Mecca
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8 usa presidents who looked to god for guidance
8 Presidents Who Looked to God for Guidance America has now had 45 presidents in its history. Most of these men have been at least nominally Christian, and none have declared themselves atheists. As this President's Day approaches (on February 20), many Americans think back to the leaders w...
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Pakistani christian accused of blasphemy out on bail after three years in prison
Pakistani Christian Accused of Blasphemy out on Bail after Three Years in Prison After spending more than three years in jail, a Christian accused of blasphemy, and facing the death penalty, was granted bail by the Supreme Court in Lahore on 1 Feb.
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Young professionals quietly transforming muslim-majority central asia for christ (cbn)
Young Professionals Quietly Transforming Muslim-Majority Central Asia for Christ The growth of Islamic extremism helped make 2016 the worst year ever for Christian persecution. For example, Christians in a predominantly Muslim region of Central Asia risk almost daily harassment for sharing the Gospel. Still, young Christian professionals there are courageously engaging their societies for Christ.
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West virginia considering bill to require bible history elective for schools
West Virginia Considering Bill to Require Bible History Elective for Schools West Virginia is considering a bill that if enacted would require public schools to offer an elective course on Bible history.
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Americans express increasingly warm feelings toward religious groups
Americans Express Increasingly Warm Feelings Toward Religious Groups Americans generally express more positive feelings toward various religious groups today than they did just a few years ago.
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Roman catholic group requests pope francis refer to mary as co-redemptrix with jesus
Roman Catholic Group Requests ‘Pope Francis’ Refer to Mary as ‘Co-Redemptrix With Jesus’ The International Marian Association has requested that the leader of Roman Catholicism, Jorge Bergoglio, also known as Pope Francis, refer to Mary as "co-redemptrix with Jesus the redeemer” during the 100th year anniversary of the purported apparitions of Mary in Fatima, Portugal. The Theological Commission of the Marian Association, which is comprised of 30 supportive entities, including…
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Was jesus a populist
Was Jesus a populist? When confronted with the dichotomy of ‘people’ or ‘elite’, Jesus refused to be cornered. His answers to trick questions introduced a new dimension.
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Chuck norris meets netanyahu, who dismisses 'obsolete' bodyguards
Chuck Norris Meets Netanyahu, Who Dismisses 'Obsolete' Bodyguards 'Israel is strong, but it's indestructible with Norris around,' jokes Netanyahu
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