Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal information when you use ChristianBlog.Com's products and services, including information provided when you use ChristianBlog.Com. In addition, the following describes our privacy practices that are specific to ChristianBlog.Com.

Our completely Privacy Policy can be reviewed here.

Personal information

  • ChristianBlog.Com asks for some personal information when you sign up to use ChristianBlog.Com, including your email address and a password, which is used to protect your account from unauthorized access.
  • In addition to publishing your weblog posts, you may also provide additional profile information, such as a photo, birthday, location, etc. and can edit your profile at any time on our profile administration page.
  • ChristianBlog.Com servers automatically record information about your use of the service, such as when you use ChristianBlog.Com and the frequency and size of data transfers. Information displayed or clicked in the ChristianBlog.Com interface (including UI elements, settings, and other information) is also recorded. If you are logged in we may associate that information with your account.
  • If you choose to use ChristianBlog.Com Mobile, we may record your phone number when you publish content, send a text message, photos, or SMS to or from ChristianBlog.Com. Your phone number may be associated with your ChristianBlog.Com Account or, if you do not have a ChristianBlog.Com Account, with some other similar account ID. We often generate this account ID based on your device and hardware IDs, so if you change your device or hardware, you will have to re-associate this new device or hardware with your account before we can authenticate you.


  • ChristianBlog.Com stores and maintains your account information and copies of your weblog posts and comments, including drafts, in order to provide the service.

Your choices

  • You can change your ChristianBlog.Com account settings, including your profile information, at any time in the Account section of ChristianBlog.Com.
  • If you terminate your account, we will remove all posts from public view. Because of the way we maintain our Service, residual copies of your profile information and other information associated with your account may remain on back-up media.

More information

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