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  Written In My Heart

Witnessing for Jesus through testimony of experiences with Jesus.

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Written in my heart introduction (1)
Dorothy Von Lehe
published . 2 min read
I am coming back to Christianblog to write and share personal testimony of the experiences I have had with Jesus Christ. We are all called to be witnesses for Jesus. This will be a lengthy series of writings that I am sharing with as many people as possible. I have believed from the time I was born again in Jesus Christ, that I was to write and share this testimony. The time has come to do so. The Holy Spirit even gave me the name for these writings:.Written In My Heart. I will be posting a writing once a week. During my childhood and youth, I was raised attending Sunday School and Church as a Lutheran. I do not know of a time in my life when I did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God. That He died in my place for my sins. Jesus died on the cross for the sins of all of mankind. I......