Website Updates:

Dec 12 2018 07:02:08pm:

Resolved issue with Notification dropdown going off-screen on mobile devices, by splitting bloggers name and action into two different lines.

Dec 11 2018 07:45:00pm:

Resolved issue with members not staying signed into the website.

Dec 07 2018 02:05:00am:

Added '.well-known/change-password' ability that was recently introduced in Safari (desktop & ios) and hopefully other browsers and browser add-ons in the near future. Reference change-password-url for the protocal and these release notes on the iCloud Keychain Password Manager update.

Dec 05 2018 08:05:56pm:

The Donation page updated to utilize new design template.

Nov 24 2018 11:04:33am:

New feature that allows you to horizontally flip a photograph within your photos library.

Nov 22 2018 09:34:28pm:

Resolved issue with photos not properly displaying thumbnails.